«Work in progress» fuses different concepts to create a new one. The very name of the collection reflects the idea of a work in progress, arising from the experimentation and error in fabrics, shapes and patterns. A collection that unites the conflicting worlds of Ela Fidalgo, an overwhelming statement of feelings and chaotic sensations, a desperate cry to imagination and the subconscious The garments in the collection are reluctant to become products. The importance is not in the objects but in the symbolic use made of them and the way in which these project our identity.


The beginning of the collection takes place in an utter black (the loss of identity, the agony of emptiness and nothingness), where the rigid and confusing garments pour out tar which slides over the fabrics drowning in a toxic sea, in which dark vegetation appears gradually. Folds and wrinkles interlacing, playing, lights and shadows embarrassed, the substance speaks and tells it´s story, about the construction of pieces frozen in time.


The collection moves through the blizzard and the darkness towards the light. The black is disappearing and white is becoming imminent, in order to reach a supreme white, nirvana. Dresses stop being dresses to become ethereal concepts praising the absurdity of nowhere. A hopeful look where dreams occur.